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The American Idol Season 8 competition continues to be strong as we head to the finish line. Tonight, after the nationwide vote, the remaining 3 Idol hopefuls will be revealed.

Tonight’s American Idolresults show  features performances by Paula Abdul, No Doubt and Daughtry. One of the four finalists will be eliminated.

Will tonight be the end of Kris Allen‘s great run or will the last girl-standing fall and make it a three-man fight? Will Adam Lambert face the danger zone again or is it time for Danny Gokey to face the pressure of Idol elimination?

Last night, over 64 million votes were registered, the highest in American Idol history.

The seats are ready. Your Top 4 are all in the centerstage. Dim the lights and here we go. Starting with Allison Iraheta… Danny’s name is called out next. Ryan Seacrest moved on to Adam. Then to Kris… After the vote, the first person in the Top 3 is Kris Allen.

Joining Kris in the safe zone and in the Top 3 is Adam. Now were down to Allison and Danny. After the record setting vote of over 64 millon, Danny is safe and ALLISON IRAHETA IS GOING HOME.

Join us again as we provide you with LIVE and up-to-minute details of next week’s Top 3 performance and results show. Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.


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American Idol Fab Four is back on the centerstage tonight as they continue their quest of realizing their Idol dream.

The Idol stage suffered from technical accidents but as they say, “The Show Must Go on”. It will be a first as the Top 4 will be paired up and will perform Rock classics.

Slash (former lead guitarist of legendary rock band Guns ‘n Roses) is this week’s mentor.

Adam Lambert, “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin – Randy thinks Adam and Slash should do a record. Kara says Adam should be a rock god. Whole lot-a perfect says Paula while Simon thinks it was one of his best performance and nobody can top that.21672_2

Allison Iraheta, “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin – Randy did not love the song choice. Kara thinks Allison was little nervous but likes Allison transformation when she’s in the stage. Paula thinks Allison is fearless. Simon likes her terrific vocals but thinks that Allison is trying too hard and Simon recommended a Queen song.

Kris Allen and Danny Gokey, “Renegade” by Styx – Randy likes the harmony and thinks that Kris and Danny compliment each other. Kara says both guys had some moments. Paula says it was powerful and compelling. Simon thinks Danny was better than Kris.

Kris Allen, “Come Together” by The Beatles – Randy like the way Kris play the guitar and he enjoyed it. Kara however thinks it was not a great performance. Paula says Kris’ artistic ability and signature makes it a great performance. Simon says it’s like eating ice for lunch, boring and jammed.

Danny Gokey, “Dream On” by Aerosmith – It was alright according to Randy but an A+ for effort. Kara thinks Danny took it a little too far.  Paula isn’t sure about Danny’s song choice. Simon didn’t like Danny’s last note and it was over the top but thinks Danny will be safe tonight.

Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert, “Slow Ride” by Foghat – Randy thinks Adam and Allison should do a duet on their albums and it was a bomb. It was a perfect marriage and there were totally in sync says Paula. In the battle of duets they win this one and because of that, Allison was given a good chance of staying put by Adam says Simon.

See who goes home! Results show is tomorrow and Eye on Idol has it LIVE! Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.

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kkong1igh, how time flies! Summer is almost over and the rains are now starting—it seemed only yesterday that I was sharing my picks in the Top 36 and now, we are almost down to the finals of our favorite show, American Idol Season 8!

And as I said before, this is where the real competition starts, as we see the “true colors” of our favorites, with their talents and performance level. This is the part that can get a little tough for the contestants, and I can just imagine the pressure that they feel. But you know, once you’re actually up on that stage, all the nervous feelings sort of stop, and you actually find your confidence, most especially if you are really passionate about what you’re doing, and I think they all are.

This week was a treat for us fans not only because we see the all the best in our favorites, but I loved the musical selections too. This week, they performed standards from the golden age of jazz and the classics, kris-allen-rat-packwhich really tested their vocal flexibility. I must say the selections were all great!

Hooray for the Goksters! Danny Gokey was just simply stellar, in Paula’s words, as he did his version of “Come Rain Come Shine”. I really think he can make it in this genre, the emotions really shine through with his bluesy vocals.

Kris Allen, with his usual charms, was accompanied by piano and some horns as he did “The Way You Look Tonight”, which is one of my favorites of all time, but it’s a pretty challenging song too with its low keys. As usual all his girl fans were screaming, and I really think he stands a good chance to win in this competition too, although Simon doesn’t think so!

Matt Giraud’s version of “My Funny Valentine” was low key as well but very sincere, and I am impressed with the fact that he took on a very challenging song. Simon even called it “the only believable, authentic song I have heard tonight”, and I think that must have been the best compliment ever, but unfortunately, Matt got eliminated for real, but it was fun while he stayed on in the competition and even got a judge’s save for the first time in American Idol history.

Adam Lambert had the best entrance I have seen this season! It kind of reminded me about Broadway actually, with the stairs lighted pink and his white suit. His version of “Feeling Good” was great as usual, he seems to care about winning and giving out all his best all the time.

allison-iraheta-rat-packBut the best performance of the night belongs to Allison Iraheta, with her version of “Someone To Watch Over Me” that made me fall in love over and over again. I can’t believe she’s just turned 17, her voice really is one of a kind! And with her very innocent and tender performance, I’m sure she deserves a spot in the finals too.

OK, here’s the part where I get confused because everyone seems to deserve a spot in the finals! But of course this is a competition and we should just keep crossing our fingers and know that only the best can win…can’t wait for next week! Keep safe now!

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jim1Hey hey! Another week whizzed by, and we are getting closer and closer to finding out who’s gonna be the next American Idol! Actually I am getting more and more curious each week, because surprises just pop up when you least expect them right? Maybe, just maybe, the winner will be turn out to be not the one we thought.

Since we are down to just four of the most talented and lucky contestants that the whole world is all voting for, I want to share my thoughts on each of their advantages and what can possibly make them win this season’s competition. While the newly-eliminated Matt Giraud (who I think has nine lives!) thinks that Idol is just a popularity contest, I think it’s a bit of that, but more.

Let’s start with Danny Gokey, who I know is an early favorite. Well, who wouldn’t like his success story? This worship director from Wisconsin has had a very touching story, the way he lost his wife before joining this competition. He has so far been very consistent with the votes as well as his performances. And this week, he proved his flexibility as he did the jazz classics too. Everybody likes the Gokster, don’t you?danny-gokey-rat-pack1

Well Adam Lambert is no stranger to fame. He lived a great deal in the limelight even before he joined Idol, being in several film and theater projects. David Cook said Lambert is actually his favorite, and there’s no question about his mind-blowing performances with his trademark falsetto. But right now I also hear some people complain that he’s become a little too good for this competition.

Just turned seventeen and having the time of her life, Allison Iraheta basically blossomed during this season. She wasn’t really one of the favorites during the start, but as weeks went by, her talent shone through. I just love her rockin’ style, and with her very heartfelt performance of “Someone To Watch Over Me” this week, I’m sure you’re bound to fall in love with this girl, if you haven’t yet.

Then there’s the dark horse of this season, Kris Allen, who has really proved himself to be one of the contestants to watch out for this season. Not a lot of people took him seriously at first, but now everyone thinks it might be a Kris-Adam faceoff in the finals. Amazing how someone can do a complete turnaround in a matter of weeks!

As Idols, each of them may have the voice, but each of them also has that unique edge that can take them to the top with the help of your votes of course. I need to think really hard before I tell you who I think is up for the final faceoff. Better yet, let’s wait for the results of Rock Week—then let’s make up our minds! In the meantime, just keep on voting!

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They are the last five standing – but who among them will go home? Tonight, we’ll know who will compose the Idol Fab Four. Will your favorite say goodbye tonight?

Over 47 milion votes came in and Simon Cowell commended all contestants  for a great show last night. Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, classic artist Natalie Cole and this week’s mentor Jamie Foxx will all perform tonight.

Dim the lights and let’s know the pulse of America… Matt Giraud is called out first. He is asked to go to the other side of the stage. Danny Gokey is next and he is asked to go to the right side of the stage. Allison Iraheta is called and she is asked to stand next to Danny. Kris Allen will stand next to Matt.

That now leaves us with Adam Lambert. Allison and Dannytaylor-hicks-rj08ok are safely through. And for the first time, Adam is in the danger zone together with Matt and Kris. Adam, Matt and Kris are this week’s bottom three…

Legendary artist Natalie Cole performed “Something’s Gotta Give” from her “Unforgettable” album. That was a fun and great performance. Good job Natalie.

The Soul Patrol is back on Idol centerstage as Taylor Hicks performs the single  “Seven Mile  Breakdown” from his CD “The Distance”. Lost a lot of weight but sill superb performance from Taylor.

Back to the results and time to send one to the comfort zone. Lets bring the lights down, and the person joining Dany and Allison in the Top 4 is Kris. Ooopps, we’re now left with Matt and Adam.

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx performs his chart-topping single “Blame It”. He’s working out the stage. The crowd is going wild. A standing ovation for Mr. Foxx.

Will it be Matt or Adam? Cross your fingers guys.  Here we go… After 47 million votes, Adam is safe and say goodbye to MATT GIRAUD…

Join us again as we provide you with LIVE and up-to-minute details of next week’s Top 4 performance and results show. Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.

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Tonight, the five “American Idol” finalists perform the most famous classic songs of all time. Classics from the Rat Pack era. Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx mentors the Idol hopefuls.

Instead of two songs, American Idol will only allow each contestant one song unlike previous seasons. Will Adam Lambert shine again or will the last female left, Allison Iraheta succumb to the enormous pressure?

Kris Allen, “The Way You Look Tonight” – Randy thinks that was his best performance to date. Kara says Kris set a high standard for tonight. Paula says Kris’ performance is near impeccable while Simon jamie20foxxthinks it’s only safe and quite nice but not impressive.

Allison Iraheta, “Someone To Watch Over Me” – Randy thinks that was the bomb and he loves the way Allison performed. Kara thinks her performance will land her in the finals. Paula says she was alluring and tender while Simon thinks it was a great performance but he has a horrible feeling that she could be in trouble tonight.

Matt Giraud, “My Funny Valentine” – Randy thinks it was a little bit pitchy and he gave it a 6/10. Kara didn’t feel Matt was emotionally connected to the song but Paula felt the emotional connection and he did an excellent job. Simon however, thinks it was the only believable, authentic performance and it was brilliant.

Danny Gokey, “Come Rain Come Shine” – Randy thinks Danny could have an album and actually win the competition.  Kara likes his Rat Pack swagger. Way to go says Paula and it was a stellar performance. Simon agrees with Kara and says it was Danny’s best performance and the arrangement was superb and outstanding.

Adam Lambert, “Feeling Good” – Randy it was a little threatical but he was in the zone and it was another good performance. Kara thinks Adam is shocking and crazy in a good way. Paula says Adam is like our Michael Phelps. Best entrance of this season according to Simon.

See who goes home! Results show is tomorrow and Eye on Idol has it LIVE! Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.

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jim1Oh yeah! The heat is on and we have to party! I am so worked up by this week’s episode of American Idol that I am still nursing a disco hangover, and I’m sure you do too!

I am amazed with the vocal versatility of the contestants even though some of them expressed their nervousness regarding the genre, which really requires a dose of soul. I loved how the Idols put in their own twist to the disco hits, everyone except Lil Rounds and Danny Gokey who stuck on to the original arrangements of the song and got some not-so-nice words from our dear judges. And yeah, well, which got Lil Rounds booted out too—wkris-allen-disco-feverhich is a disappointment for her fans, including our lovely Miss Karen.

Kris Allen seems to be fast tracking into the lead as he once again brought the house down this week with his version of Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money”, which is a very good song for the recession, haha! The guitar and bongos made him sound more like John Mayer though, but I like it.

Allison Iraheta was equally fierce, and I don’t mean it just because of her leather suit! Her cover of Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” was pretty bluesy with the grinding electric guitar that gave the song a whole new feel. Simon even called it brilliant! And of course, scene-stealer Adam Lambert will not be left behind as he put a spin into Saturday Night Fever’s “If I Can’t Have You”, turning it into a great ballad with his famous falsetto serving as the main highlight.

The Gokster did one of the biggest disco hits of all time, singing his version of Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”, mixing his gospel-savvy with his yet-undiscovered disco moves. The judges weren’t that happy with it though. Simon found it rather awkward and clumsy, and I did too for a bit. Maybe disco’s not just for him, but at least he tried!

Now that Lil and ‘Noop Dawg already bowed out of the competition, everybody’s already trying to predict the Final Three in this competition. While I would like to dish my own, I think will save it for next week for Jazz Night—I am still trying to make up my mind! The real fight begins, and I am more than happy to take this ride!

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