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karenWaaah! Forgive me, my dears for being too excited! I’m sure you can’t get over the biggest twist that has ever come up from our favorite weekly habit, American Idol Season 8! Right now I am still trying to recover from my shock, although it’s a good one, I must say, Don’t you agree?


            I still can’t believe Kris actually won! YIPEE! It was so unexpected, but that’s the way it is with the best surprises right? As I remember how he actually started his Idol journey with his rather forgettable audition, I can’t believe how this charming crooner with great guitar skills whose talent actually shone through as weeks went by in this season. He’s actually a great example of a dark horse, and I must say, he’s a lucky one (and a cute one too)!


           kris allen wins Kris and Adam have very different performing styles. While Adam is really more of the showstopper—he was almost always in the limelight throughout the season—Kris is more of the simple guy, unassuming, but at the same time showcasing his talent the best way he knew how, and he always manages to nail all the numbers that he performs. I even liked his version of “Heartless” by Kanye West, which was actually his worst, according to the judges. So I must say, he’s definitely not bad at all!


            Kris and Adam’s duet for the finals, “We Are the Champions”, was definitely the song for the both of them. Even Simon said, “To both of you, and I don’t normally mean this, I thought you were both brilliant…the future’s all yours.” That was just so touching—I’m sure it meant a lot to the both of them.


            And then they did the duets with other artists. Kris did a heartfelt number with Keith Urban, one singer who is actually resembles his vocal style, while Adam as usual was just a delight onstage with his pyrotechnic number with Kiss, the rock legends. That basically showed just how different the two of them were.


            I also think they were friends, and competition wasn’t really that tough between the both of them, maybe it’s because they didn’t really have the same style, so they had a musical camaraderie of some sort, and that I think is truly important to a competition, to learn all that you can from your fellow contestants, because sometimes it’s really not just about the winning, but how you get there and grow along the way, right?  


           adam lambert with kiss But there can only be one winner, and it’s actually us who decided on Kris for the win—imagine, over 100 million votes came in! Wow! Adam is definitely also a winner in his own right, he made it seem so easy and fun, and he’s a true star. He’s actually the highlight of Season 8! That’s why even I was shocked that he didn’t win this competition but he doesn’t really need to feel bad, because there’s such a bright future ahead of him. I’m sure next year he will also have his own chart-topping album just like Kris!


            I am so happy right now, but also at the same time sad, because my favorite show (and yours too) just wrapped up another great season—with such a twist! Of course I’ll miss my weekly habit, but definitely I’m going to be listening to these Idols conquer the airwaves soon, really soon, and I also plan to share my own hits as well, so watch out for it! I definitely had fun updating you week after week, and I hope you had fun too as well—hope to catch you guys again soon, and always keep smiling, it will take you places!


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kkong1igh, how time flies! Summer is almost over and the rains are now starting—it seemed only yesterday that I was sharing my picks in the Top 36 and now, we are almost down to the finals of our favorite show, American Idol Season 8!

And as I said before, this is where the real competition starts, as we see the “true colors” of our favorites, with their talents and performance level. This is the part that can get a little tough for the contestants, and I can just imagine the pressure that they feel. But you know, once you’re actually up on that stage, all the nervous feelings sort of stop, and you actually find your confidence, most especially if you are really passionate about what you’re doing, and I think they all are.

This week was a treat for us fans not only because we see the all the best in our favorites, but I loved the musical selections too. This week, they performed standards from the golden age of jazz and the classics, kris-allen-rat-packwhich really tested their vocal flexibility. I must say the selections were all great!

Hooray for the Goksters! Danny Gokey was just simply stellar, in Paula’s words, as he did his version of “Come Rain Come Shine”. I really think he can make it in this genre, the emotions really shine through with his bluesy vocals.

Kris Allen, with his usual charms, was accompanied by piano and some horns as he did “The Way You Look Tonight”, which is one of my favorites of all time, but it’s a pretty challenging song too with its low keys. As usual all his girl fans were screaming, and I really think he stands a good chance to win in this competition too, although Simon doesn’t think so!

Matt Giraud’s version of “My Funny Valentine” was low key as well but very sincere, and I am impressed with the fact that he took on a very challenging song. Simon even called it “the only believable, authentic song I have heard tonight”, and I think that must have been the best compliment ever, but unfortunately, Matt got eliminated for real, but it was fun while he stayed on in the competition and even got a judge’s save for the first time in American Idol history.

Adam Lambert had the best entrance I have seen this season! It kind of reminded me about Broadway actually, with the stairs lighted pink and his white suit. His version of “Feeling Good” was great as usual, he seems to care about winning and giving out all his best all the time.

allison-iraheta-rat-packBut the best performance of the night belongs to Allison Iraheta, with her version of “Someone To Watch Over Me” that made me fall in love over and over again. I can’t believe she’s just turned 17, her voice really is one of a kind! And with her very innocent and tender performance, I’m sure she deserves a spot in the finals too.

OK, here’s the part where I get confused because everyone seems to deserve a spot in the finals! But of course this is a competition and we should just keep crossing our fingers and know that only the best can win…can’t wait for next week! Keep safe now!

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kkong1Boys and girls, I hope you’re having a great day today, because I am enjoying this bright summer day, just relaxing and watching my favorite programs on TV, and you sure know what I am hooked on right?

American Idol Season 8 just gets more and more addictive as the contestants are down to the top 7, and I think the competition gets more and more harder for the judges to decide. I must say

everyone in the Top 7 has their strong points and they all have a chance to win in the competition, and I am just not talking about my favorites here (not the Gokster!) but all of them—you just gotta love them all!

Week after week, I am just so amazed with all the song choices that they make and also the themes that the producers create for each episode, I think it really gives the contestants a lot of choices in terms of showing off their power vocals. Movie Night is one of my favorites so far! I love listening to movie soundtracks, especially the really romantic ones, and watching the Idols sing some songs from my matt-giraud-movie-night2favorite movies makes me fall in love over and over again.

I am getting a little nervous at the way things are turning for Lil Rounds and Danny Gokey though. These were two top contenders before, but for some reason now, they fail to impress the judges. Their song choices are pretty nice, but I think they’re not really that challenging, which is the reason why they always end up in the bottom list. Danny Gokey’s cover of Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love” was simply romantic, but Simon said it was boring and unoriginal. And Lil Round’s version of “The Rose” also got bad reviews from the judges, probably because it sounded so much like the original.

But Idol still saves the day this week, because it let Matt Giraud have another chance at the win, despite always ending up in the bottom three most of the time. There are only two weeks left for the judges to use the one-time season save, and I must say that they used it wisely, because Matt deserves it this time, with his heartwarming cover of Bryan Adams’ “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” But it was definitely surprising, especially after hearing Simon say that he didn’t think that Matt would make it—but I’m glad he did! I hear some mixed reactions from people saying that he didn’t deserve to be saved, but the judges made the day for me, knowing that they all still deserve to be in the competition.

I’m so excited to see the Top 7 catch disco fever in next episode and see David Archuleta too! I missed him! I shall catch you again next week, and I’m sure to still find you hooked on something that saves your day. Toodles!

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jim1Oh yeah! We are on a roll as the weeks go by with American Idol Season 8! I must say it really gets tougher and tougher by the week—not to mention the judges are getting nicer and nicer, if you know what I mean. Just like all the past seasons, this one has got its share of rising stars, and I think by this time you already have your own set of favorites, that is, if you haven’t picked them out yet from day one!

Before I share my thoughts on what made this week’s episode extra special, I wanna make a quick rundown on very surprising moments this week. Speaking of favorites, some of the crowd favorites happen to not to so well this week. This week’s episode was pretty interesting though, as the contestants sang the songs in the year they were born in. Hmm…if I had to sing a song from the year I was born, it would be…nah! You would guess how old I am,kris-allen-rocks-the-crowd so I better share it with you next time hahaha.

Anyway, I was pretty surprised that the favorites seemed to be not so lucky this week. Let’s start with Lil Rounds, who did Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” and got a some not-so-nice words from the judges. I think she rocked her black leather vest and short black skirt though! But Paula called her number a beautiful karaoke version, but I think maybe she just didn’t experiment too much with the vocals. Kara even said Lil is not capable of making the leap from singer to artist, but I beg to disagree.

Danny Gokey did Mickey Gilley’s “Stand by Me” and turned it into a jazzy gospel number but didn’t quite get the response I expected from it. Simon called one part lazy, but there’s something about the voice of the Gokster that makes it all too good! Then there’s ladies’ man Kris Allen, who did a cover of Don Henley’s “All She Wants to Do is Dance” with a dash of soul. I think on the overall it was pretty OK but not that impressive. But what really hurts was the part when Simon called it “a stupid song choice”! Ouch! That’s probably something I wouldn’t wanna hear.


The rest of the pack were pretty consistent and made great song choices, I loved how ‘Noop Dogg turned Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” and injecting his own R&B flavor into it. He got praises from the judges from turning a song with a woman’s range into something that sounded more like him.

But of course, what really blew everyone away this week was Adam Lambert’s cover of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” which he gave another great twist. Everybody’s expecting that from him already by now, I think, but then again, we can never run out of surprises, especially when Simon simply gave him a standing ovation after that unforgettable falsetto.

All I can say is that this week, Adam really owned it! Whether or not his lucky streak goes on remains to be seen, so for that, let’s keep ourselves hooked! Until next week folks, under and out!

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kkong1Hey there my dearies, I hope you are having yet another great summer weekend! I know all of you are wrapped up studying or working, but you are not going to miss out on your weekly dose of American Idol Season 8, just like me!

I know this week has been rather a great episode, I really enjoyed listening to my favorites do their own version of Motown hits, and I should say, I was pretty much tuned in the whole time. The performances were just simply amazing, I loved the new arrangements and I felt that the Idols were pretty lucky to be mentored this week by the father of Motown himself, Smokey Robinson. Soul is a genre that sounds good to the ears all the time, although it is also pretty challenging when you do the vocals.

As usual, my favorites just blew me away! Danny Gokey didn’t let his fans down (yes, me included) when he did his version of The Temptations’ “Get Ready”, with an uptempo beat but with his added trademark gospel sound. And I’m sure you were all moved by Adam Lambert’s performance of Smokey Robinson’s “Tracks of my Tears”! That got me really excited, I have to say he looked cute with his hair slicked back and it was such a wonderful performance that Simon called it the best performance of the night! Wow.

But I will leave all the raves to Jimmy because I know that he has so much to say about this week’s episode. What I wanted to talk about is the lip-synching issue that has come out this week. I find it pretty sad that a lot of people have been speculating about this, but I really cannot blame them. As fans, we have every right to do so. It didn’t help that Justin Guarini, season one’s first runner-up admitted that they did in fact lip-synch some songs during the show.

I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. As a singer, I always shared with you the importance of being true to your song. But I can’t blame the producers of the show too. I think that it is actually their way of helping the Idols out too. The competition is pretty nerve-wracking already, and singing live all the time just might make the pressure even more intense. I can just imagine their feeling as they face millions of people while they try their best not to be eliminated. But then again, it is also unfair to fans because they are not really seeing or hearing the real thing, because everything has already been enhanced through recording.

But as a singer, I have to admit that lip-synching is such a big help at times, but you should not become too dependent on it. In a competition like American Idol, it can play an important part, but the contestant has to keep in mind that overall performance is everything in this game. As for fans, we have to realize that our Idols are human too, they feel the pressure throughout the competition, and what can we do if we are put in their place?

Nevertheless, I think what’s important is the fact that American Idol has produced some of the world’s best performers today. For me, it doesn’t really matter whether you do it live all the time or not, but what really matters is you put in your 100% in what you do, don’t you think so?

I just hope that we do not find too many mistakes in our favorite show because we know that everyone behind it is doing their best. Season 8 still has a long way to go, and we all know that there are so many more great performances to watch out for, whether it is recorded or not. Let’s just keep our votes coming, and I’m sure that our Idols won’t let us down.

And with that, I’d say bye for now and thanks for always reading my thoughts. I always enjoy sharing my updates with fellow fans like you! Catch you guys again next week for more great Idol updates! Cheers!

PS. This is a shameless plug, but please support my newest album, Showtime Vol. 2, out in stores now! I shall tell you guys more about it soon!

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kkong1My biggest hellos to my fellow American Idol addicts! How has your week been? I hope all is going good for you, the excitement just grows and grows each week as we are almost down to the Top 12 don’t you think?

Summer is just around the corner and American Idol is definitely one of the weekly treats that I do not skip, I really make the time to catch up with the episodes despite my tight schedule. And all I can say is that I am extra happy this week because three of my favorites once again made the cut into the Idol Top 12!

Actually, I can say that most of the performances for this week were pretty good, and you will have to agree with me that the judges have been busy! Even Simon seems to have a hard time not being nice for a change. But of course, there has to be only three contestants to make it, and I feel lucky that all my bets for this week made it!

You all know that I’m a certified Danny Gokey fan right? Well I am also voting for Scott McIntyre, the blind singer-songwriter. I am amazed by the fact that even though he is just 23 years old and blind, he is able to touch the lives of so many people. I loved his version of Bruce Hornsby’s “Mandolin Rain”! The song is mostly about listening, so I understand him perfectly well when he chose that song—he has been doing it all his life, and I hope Simon will realize that, since he said that the song wasn’t such a good choice. He really deserves that high five with Ryan Seacrest!

Jorge Nuñez is another amazing guy! I just love his accent! One thing that I like about him is that he’s very humble and open to having new mentors. He is still so young and has a long way to go, although I saw that he was almost crying during this week’s critiques. His rendition of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” is so touching. Even Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Jorge’s fellow latinos, were in tears when they watched him perform, and they even sent a text message to Ryan Seacrest about it!

The hot momma of American Idol Season 8, Lil Rounds was almost a sure bet to the Top 12, as you guys will agree, right? She does remind me a bit of Fantasia! I love her song for the week, Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You” (I know, it’s a heartbreak song, but it’s really romantic too). She has impressed all the judges, Simon most especially! He even called her brilliant, and I will definitely say yes to that.

Yahoo! This means almost all my top pinks made it into the Idol Top 12—now there are 3 more slots waiting to be filled, and so I am really looking forward to watch who will make it into the Wild Card Round! I hope Anoop Desai and Megan Corkrey will get in, they deserve it. Let’s keep hoping in wishing, in the meantime, I am sending all my hugs to my fellow fans—we made it!

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kkong1First of all, I’d like to greet you all a Belated Happy Hearts’ Day! Hope you all celebrated it with someone special. I really think that we should celebrate it everyday, because love really makes the world a better place to live in, right? Oh, I think I am turning into one mushy person today!

This is because I am just so happy that one of MY favorites, Danny Gokey, made it to the first batch of the top 12 of American Idol’s Season 8. I was really very nervous for him and my heart was beating real fast when he stood with Tatiana del Toro and Ryan Seacrest for the final announcement. Well, honestly, I was thinking he was going to make it for sure, but I am really very very happy to know he actually did, and I’m sure a lot of you American Idol fans are too!danny-gokey2

But there’s another reason why I am really happy for Danny Gokey—I think he really is a man with a big heart and he has a very unique story to prove this. Four weeks before the Idol auditions, Danny lost his wife, Sophia, as she died due to a heart condition. They have been married for four years and according to him, the sad part is he never even got to say goodbye to his wife when she passed away.

I’m sure his wife is very proud of him right now, wherever she may be, as Danny is becoming one of the top favorites (woohoo!) in American Idol Season 8. I almost cried while he was singing “Hero” by Mariah Carey last night, I can really feel how sincere he was! He deserves to be one of the Top 12 finalists because it is a way of honoring his wife’s memory as well. Did you know that he actually set up Sophia’s Heart Foundation in her memory? I really think that is the sweetest thing someone can ever do! If you want to find out more about Danny’s good cause, visit www.sophiasheart.org.

Aside from this, I really admire how he inspires others with his faith. He always makes time to do his duties at Faith Builders International Ministry, his home church. There really are a lot of reasons to look up to this guy, and I can understand perfectly well why there are a lot of GOKSTERS out there, me included!

I really think he deserves to be called by the judges (yes I think even Simon agrees although he’s not too obvious) the “Hero” of American Idol Season 8! He just has the warmest heart, and it shines through his talent. I am looking forward to seeing more of his beautiful talent blossom as the weeks go by, and I’m sure you, my fellow fans, will keep tuned in with me! Let’s all hope for the best for now, and I will catch you again for next week’s episode! Until then, take care, and try to be a hero in your own little way too!

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