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karenHello my dears! I know it’s been a pretty exciting week this week for you, not just because of the Idol finals but also because I heard that the two DAVIDs from Season 7 is in Manila right now for a tour—wish I was there to catch it with you, but I’m sure a lot of you Idol addicts are having a blast!

            Well we are supposed to have fun even if the season is almost ending right? Because the excitement is just too much! I mean, it has me on my toes the whole time, especially the last episode, which is also one of the saddest—

            danny gokey eliminationDuring the start of this season I have always shared with you how I have admired Danny Gokey, not only for his soulful voice, but the way he kept on fighting even after his wife Sophia’s death. He is truly an inspiration for everyone who wants to keep on moving and following their dreams. Maybe it is his training in church, or maybe it’s just his pleasant personality, that makes the Gokster one of the most likeable contestants ever on Idol! It is not even that surprising to know that he’s never been in the Bottom Three of this competition—now that must be a record right?

            We all know we like the Gokster, there’s no question about it J But the votes just weren’t enough to have him make it into the finals, and maybe that’s just the way it is. I have seen some mildly violent reactions, but most people I have talked to agree that maybe it really is Gokey’s time to go. Throughout the season he has shown the best of his talent, adapting to all the genres beyond his gospel training, showcasing the range of his voice. People will never stop liking him, I’m sure of it.

            Even the judges seemed to have a hard time letting him go, just take a look at the reactions on their faces! Simon parted with a compliment, even calling his performance simply “brilliant”—because that’s just the way it is, brilliant in a beautiful way—you can feel Danny’s heart in every song he sings, and I think that’s the best part of what he shared with his audience, with us J

            The Gokster has no hard feelings about it though. He says he wants to start a musical movement and make an R&B album mixed in with some Latin beats as influenced by his wife—pretty soulful and exotic as well, and it makes me excited! Now that sounds like a plan! J But in the meantime, we might as well root for Kris or Adam in next week’s finale—who is your bet?! I know it’s going to be Adam for the win—I just don’t know if Jimmy will agree with me, because I think he’s rooting for Kris! So, may the best boy win! J

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jimmyHowdy! We are almost wrapping up yet another great season of American Idol, and as usual, it’s going out with a bang, with the face-off of two of the best new talents the recording industry will ever know! How time flies, to think that I was just watching the two DAVIDs battle it out and right now they’re touring in Manila—wow! It sure does fly when you’re having fun!

Now it’s the screams versus the soul. Adam Lambert and Kris Allen may be two totally different performers, but they share the same passion for showcasing their talent, and that’s their common denominator. It could just very well be one of the most exciting face-offs in Idol history.

kris allen eliminationI really thought Kris was on his way out after Simon’s comment on his cover of the club hit by Kanye West, “Heartless”. It was a great acoustic take on the song, and somehow he still managed to nail it! Simon got pretty scary though, when he said that for sure Kris is on his way out. I’m sure he got all the votes that saved him!

adam lambert elimination

 As for Adam, the pretty boy who screamed all his way into the season, he’s more or less a sure shot, as I have said from the start. Everybody just loves him and his crazy antics, what can I say? I’m not really an Adam fan, but I know how he can be so charming and he never fails to surprise everybody. He’s just a delight to see onstage, thanks to his theater background that just makes him so watch-worthy.

For consecutive seasons now the American Idol finale usually involves a sausage fest for some reason! I think it may be because of all the girls watching? Haha. But seriously, while there were girls in this competition that I really thought would make it, like Allison and Lil Rounds, they just didn’t get the votes. And the way Kris actually did rise to the top is pretty unexpected, hence the term dark horse—

           kris allen vs adam lambert And who knows? He might just end up walking away as the newest Idol! Well I know a lot of you are into Adam, and I mean well, but basically I am rooting for him and his low-key style, he’s pretty much got a lot of potential. But it still remains all to be seen, right Karen?

            This may very well be a face-off worth not missing out—and we better catch it. Go Kris! May you do all the underdogs proud, hahaha!

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