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The American Idol Season 8 competition continues to be strong as we head to the finish line. Tonight, after the nationwide vote, the remaining 3 Idol hopefuls will be revealed.

Tonight’s American Idolresults show  features performances by Paula Abdul, No Doubt and Daughtry. One of the four finalists will be eliminated.

Will tonight be the end of Kris Allen‘s great run or will the last girl-standing fall and make it a three-man fight? Will Adam Lambert face the danger zone again or is it time for Danny Gokey to face the pressure of Idol elimination?

Last night, over 64 million votes were registered, the highest in American Idol history.

The seats are ready. Your Top 4 are all in the centerstage. Dim the lights and here we go. Starting with Allison Iraheta… Danny’s name is called out next. Ryan Seacrest moved on to Adam. Then to Kris… After the vote, the first person in the Top 3 is Kris Allen.

Joining Kris in the safe zone and in the Top 3 is Adam. Now were down to Allison and Danny. After the record setting vote of over 64 millon, Danny is safe and ALLISON IRAHETA IS GOING HOME.

Join us again as we provide you with LIVE and up-to-minute details of next week’s Top 3 performance and results show. Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.


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They are the last five standing – but who among them will go home? Tonight, we’ll know who will compose the Idol Fab Four. Will your favorite say goodbye tonight?

Over 47 milion votes came in and Simon Cowell commended all contestants  for a great show last night. Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, classic artist Natalie Cole and this week’s mentor Jamie Foxx will all perform tonight.

Dim the lights and let’s know the pulse of America… Matt Giraud is called out first. He is asked to go to the other side of the stage. Danny Gokey is next and he is asked to go to the right side of the stage. Allison Iraheta is called and she is asked to stand next to Danny. Kris Allen will stand next to Matt.

That now leaves us with Adam Lambert. Allison and Dannytaylor-hicks-rj08ok are safely through. And for the first time, Adam is in the danger zone together with Matt and Kris. Adam, Matt and Kris are this week’s bottom three…

Legendary artist Natalie Cole performed “Something’s Gotta Give” from her “Unforgettable” album. That was a fun and great performance. Good job Natalie.

The Soul Patrol is back on Idol centerstage as Taylor Hicks performs the single  “Seven Mile  Breakdown” from his CD “The Distance”. Lost a lot of weight but sill superb performance from Taylor.

Back to the results and time to send one to the comfort zone. Lets bring the lights down, and the person joining Dany and Allison in the Top 4 is Kris. Ooopps, we’re now left with Matt and Adam.

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx performs his chart-topping single “Blame It”. He’s working out the stage. The crowd is going wild. A standing ovation for Mr. Foxx.

Will it be Matt or Adam? Cross your fingers guys.  Here we go… After 47 million votes, Adam is safe and say goodbye to MATT GIRAUD…

Join us again as we provide you with LIVE and up-to-minute details of next week’s Top 4 performance and results show. Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.

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Tonight, the five “American Idol” finalists perform the most famous classic songs of all time. Classics from the Rat Pack era. Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx mentors the Idol hopefuls.

Instead of two songs, American Idol will only allow each contestant one song unlike previous seasons. Will Adam Lambert shine again or will the last female left, Allison Iraheta succumb to the enormous pressure?

Kris Allen, “The Way You Look Tonight” – Randy thinks that was his best performance to date. Kara says Kris set a high standard for tonight. Paula says Kris’ performance is near impeccable while Simon jamie20foxxthinks it’s only safe and quite nice but not impressive.

Allison Iraheta, “Someone To Watch Over Me” – Randy thinks that was the bomb and he loves the way Allison performed. Kara thinks her performance will land her in the finals. Paula says she was alluring and tender while Simon thinks it was a great performance but he has a horrible feeling that she could be in trouble tonight.

Matt Giraud, “My Funny Valentine” – Randy thinks it was a little bit pitchy and he gave it a 6/10. Kara didn’t feel Matt was emotionally connected to the song but Paula felt the emotional connection and he did an excellent job. Simon however, thinks it was the only believable, authentic performance and it was brilliant.

Danny Gokey, “Come Rain Come Shine” – Randy thinks Danny could have an album and actually win the competition.  Kara likes his Rat Pack swagger. Way to go says Paula and it was a stellar performance. Simon agrees with Kara and says it was Danny’s best performance and the arrangement was superb and outstanding.

Adam Lambert, “Feeling Good” – Randy it was a little threatical but he was in the zone and it was another good performance. Kara thinks Adam is shocking and crazy in a good way. Paula says Adam is like our Michael Phelps. Best entrance of this season according to Simon.

See who goes home! Results show is tomorrow and Eye on Idol has it LIVE! Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.

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kkong1Hello, hello, and hello! It’s been another exciting week watching our favorite reality show, but this time around, I can say that I am pretty sad, because two contestants got eliminated, and one of them is really my favorite at that.

This week’s episode of American Idol Season 8 was pretty groovy, as the Idols sang disco hits that made we really wanna dance the night away! I love the choreography done by Paula for the opening number, which made the contestants all look like they were having a lot of fun.

I’ll let Jimmy give you the whole week’s recap, but I just really want to tell you how disappointed I am with the elimination of Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai this week. Sigh. And I thought Hot Mama Lil will make it into the finals. But I have read some reviews and I with the fact that she started out as one of the best contenders but ended up as consistent in the bottom three. bye-anoopHer voice is really amazing though, I think she just doesn’t manage to pick the right songs. Her version of Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” seemed to be a good choice this time, but the judges didn’t seem to agree. Randy even called the performance too wild, and Simon was pretty sure it was the last time that America would see her. I felt pretty sorry for Lil because she couldn’t really talk a lot because she was on voice rest and she couldn’t really defend herself. I think Lil’s version of the song sounded too much like the original arrangement which made it look all the more easier, but at the same time not very challenging as an artist.

Anoop Desai’s silky voice is supposed to work with this genre, as he did a cover of Donna Summer’s “Dim All the Lights”, but he didn’t really get all the keys right in this one—which got me pretty confused because the song is a pretty good choice for his vocal range. Simon called the performance ‘Noop’s worst yet, but of course, we know he’s just being nasty. But I understand the judges when they said that, because ‘Noop Dawg could have done much, much better.

I already saw this coming when Lil kept ending up at the bottom three, because the judges don’t think she was very original when it comes to her performances. I still think she’s got enough talent to carry her through beyond American Idol. Anoop can also develop his range more, and who knows? He might even follow the footsteps of Marvin Gaye.

Now we’re off to the Top Five, and this is where the competition moves up to an entirely new level, so I am really hoping Danny Gokey won’t fall out in this one! Wish with me, Goksters! You shall hear fresh Idol updates from me again next week, that’s for sure! You all take care now!

Get hooked with your weekly American Idol Season 8 fix by logging on to www.totedaddy.net.

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kkong1Boys and girls, I hope you’re having a great day today, because I am enjoying this bright summer day, just relaxing and watching my favorite programs on TV, and you sure know what I am hooked on right?

American Idol Season 8 just gets more and more addictive as the contestants are down to the top 7, and I think the competition gets more and more harder for the judges to decide. I must say

everyone in the Top 7 has their strong points and they all have a chance to win in the competition, and I am just not talking about my favorites here (not the Gokster!) but all of them—you just gotta love them all!

Week after week, I am just so amazed with all the song choices that they make and also the themes that the producers create for each episode, I think it really gives the contestants a lot of choices in terms of showing off their power vocals. Movie Night is one of my favorites so far! I love listening to movie soundtracks, especially the really romantic ones, and watching the Idols sing some songs from my matt-giraud-movie-night2favorite movies makes me fall in love over and over again.

I am getting a little nervous at the way things are turning for Lil Rounds and Danny Gokey though. These were two top contenders before, but for some reason now, they fail to impress the judges. Their song choices are pretty nice, but I think they’re not really that challenging, which is the reason why they always end up in the bottom list. Danny Gokey’s cover of Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love” was simply romantic, but Simon said it was boring and unoriginal. And Lil Round’s version of “The Rose” also got bad reviews from the judges, probably because it sounded so much like the original.

But Idol still saves the day this week, because it let Matt Giraud have another chance at the win, despite always ending up in the bottom three most of the time. There are only two weeks left for the judges to use the one-time season save, and I must say that they used it wisely, because Matt deserves it this time, with his heartwarming cover of Bryan Adams’ “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” But it was definitely surprising, especially after hearing Simon say that he didn’t think that Matt would make it—but I’m glad he did! I hear some mixed reactions from people saying that he didn’t deserve to be saved, but the judges made the day for me, knowing that they all still deserve to be in the competition.

I’m so excited to see the Top 7 catch disco fever in next episode and see David Archuleta too! I missed him! I shall catch you again next week, and I’m sure to still find you hooked on something that saves your day. Toodles!

Get hooked with your weekly American Idol Season 8 fix by logging on to www.totedaddy.net.

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The results are in. Join us as we uncover the next Idol hopeful who will bid goodbye to his/her Idol journey. Anybody can go home tonight and only America knows. It’s all on the line…

The mystery also surrounds on whether the judges will use their very important “save power”. Questions will be answered, dreams will end and Idol destiny will continue. It’s all LIVE here on EyeonIdol…

Teenage star Miley Cyrus and Grammy/Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson will perform tonight still as part of this week’s theme “Songs from the Movies”.miley_cyrus_and_zac_efron_

The Top 6 performed as a group singing “Maniac”, soundtrack from the movie Flashdance. Zac Efron is also in the house.

Dim the lights… Let’s start with Allison Iraheta – she’s safe. Next up, Adam Lambert – he’s of course safe. Anoop Desai stoop up and bottom three appearance again this week for Anoop Dogg.

Singing “If This Isn’t Love” from her self-titled album, former Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson is back on the Idol centerstage.

Dim the lights once again… Kris Allen and Lil Rounds are on queue – and Lil joins Anoop. Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey both stood up – Danny’s safe and Matt is in the bottom three.

Anoop is once again safe for another week and he heaved a great sigh of relief. Back on the couch Anoop Dogg.

Disney star Miley Cyrus performed “The Climb”, a track featured on the upcoming soundtrack of Disney’s Hannah Montana: The Movie.

It is the moment of truth. After the nationwide vote of over 36 million. Lil is safe and Matt will sing for his survival.

His life is on the line. Will the judges use the save? And the answer is YESSSSS…. THE JUDGES SAVED MATT GIRAUD.

That means two contestants will be eliminated next week. Next week is “Disco Week” and no more save power.

Join us again as we provide you with LIVE and up-to-minute details of next week’s Top 6 performance and results show. Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.

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American Idol’s Lucky seven will once again sing for their lives as they try to pursue their dream of becoming the next American Idol. This weeks’ theme is “Songs from the Movies” and what a better way to guide the 7 Idol hopefuls – world renowed director Quentin Tarantino will be this week’s Idol mentor.

Will Adam Lambert shine again or will his competitors steal the limelight and finally get the nod from Idol judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson. We’ve got it all for you…LIVE!!!

Allison Iraheta, “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith – Paula says Allison is authentic and she’s a one, remarkable, talented lady. Simon thinks Allison is the girls’ only hope in this competition.

Anoop Desai, “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams – Randy Jackson thinks Anoop Dog is cover500finding his zone over the past few weeks. Kara says it was one of his best performance so far.

Adam Lambert, “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf – Paula is jumping all over the place. She thinks Adam is one of the bravest contestant of this show. Vocally impressive says Simon but he doesn’t think that this week’s performance is not that impressive compared to last week.

Matt Giraud, “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?” by Bryan Adams – Randy thinks it was an interesting performance though there were some pitchy parts. Kara says it was two steps forward last week but unfortunately a step backwards this week.

Danny Gokey, “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie – Paula says Danny pulled it together and loves the rendition. Simon is disappointed about the arrangement of the song but he congratulated Danny for singing from his heart.

Kris Allen, “Falling Slowly” by Glenn Hansard – Randy loves the song but pitchy from note one but Kara thinks it was one of Kris’ best moment ever.

Lil Rounds, “The Rose” by Bette Midler – Paula loves that Lil sang the song but Simon says the song is too soft for her and he’s getting disappointed about Lil’s song choice week after week.

See who goes home! Results show is tomorrow and Eye on Idol has it LIVE! Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.

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