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Well well well, what can I say? It’s the second year in a row that boys are actually the ones battling it out for the Idol finals! Alright, don’t get me wrong, I expected our little girl Allison to actually make it to the Idol finals, but for some reason, she got the boot this week, despite her great cover of that hit by Alice Cooper, “School’s Out”. Her number was definitely edgy, thanks to all the black leather, but I guess it didn’t get all the votes it needed.

            So now we have a sausage fest for the finals, and everybody at this adam lambert rock week1point is pretty much rooting for their own favorites, Adam for the Idol die-hards, the Gokster for the loyal ones, and Kris for all the ladies, single or not! But seriously, I think all of them really deserve to be in on the win, but the judges will definitely be confused before they can actually really decide, that’s for sure!

            Another highlight of this week’s episode is when Paula took to the stage—it had everybody saying whoa! and wow! at the same time. We all know how big she was in the 80s, and she proves that she’s still got it in her with the debut of her new single, Í’m Just Here for the Music”. She can still give Britney a run for her money, hahaha!

            danny gokey rock weekNewly-reunited No Doubt also blew the house down to complement the rockin’ theme if this weeks ep—they’re back and they just seem to have a blast now more than ever, just like they did way back in 1995, or maybe even better! But well, of course they get old, so the still-hot Gwen Stefani ended up doing some pushups after she got exhausted doing two numbers. Whew!

            Then there’s Chris Daughtry—also debuting his band’s new single, “No Surprise”. I still wonder why he didn’t make it into the finals way back in Idol Season 4, but glad that he still made it into his career nevertheless.

           kris allen come together1 Next week seems to be pretty poppy with Katy Perry and Jordin Sparks—pretty hot (I know) but it says a lot about the fierce competition from the boys! I am curious to find out their personal choices for the songs they are supposed to sing, and I am actually surprised with myself—I am now rooting for Kris Allen for the win! There, I said it. Must be the way he plays his guitar—sort of reminds me of myself! Haha!

            Let’s keep on being Idol addicts! The finals are just getting to be too close! Just enjoy the ride, boys and girls!

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