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karenHello, hello! Another week as we go closer and closer to the finals of our favorite show! Imagine that?! I can’t actually believe how fast it is going, but well take it from the old saying that time flies when you’re having fun! And every week, I always enjoy giving you my own updates on this series that we all so love to watch!
Right now, even though I am in the midst of doing a series of shows and promoting my album, I still make the time to watch American Idol Season 8—it just cannot be missed! The performances are always just amazing, and it’s going to be a really hard choice for the judges and the voters (including you!) to decide on who’s going to be this season’s Idol.
adam and allison rock duet1This week had a more challenging twist for our favorite contestants because it is Rock Week! All that headbanging and guitar screeching makes way for our Idols’ great voices—how great a combination can that be? I love rock music in the sense that it always makes you feel alive with its rhythms, although I must say it is a pretty much a very tricky genre in terms of vocals.
And yet, as we can all predict, all the performances are just mind-blowing! Allison Iraheta, lovely in black leather, is definitely cut out for the part with her bluesy voice and her cover of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”. Kris Allen, who I have really gotten to like more and more as he showcased his talent in this competition, chose a rock classic: “Come Together” by the Beatles (I just love them!) and just shone through along with his guitar skills, which is one of the things the girls like most about him (oh, am I included in that one?)!
Adam Lambert continues to get most of the votes—and who can blame his fans? I really think he can perform his best from genre to genre, he’s just really versatile at that! He took on another rock legend, Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”, and just took the stage like a rock god—he even got a standing ovation for that one! Who can forget the Gokster?! Not me of course. His cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” got mixed reviews, but I sort of liked his scream at the end of the song, it was just out of the ordinary!
And then they did the duets! This was my favorite part for this episode. Kris and the Gokster went on first with a version of “Renegade” by Styx. I know it’s kinda awkward to pair two guys together, but the way they just blended their harmonies impressed even the judges! Adam and Allison seem to really have that rockin’ chemistry as they covered Foghat’s “Slow Ride”—they sure looked comfortable together as they were both reaching for those high notes. Randy even called them the rock stars of the season.
Next week, let’s brace ourselves as the heat of the competition gets more and more intense, even though summer’s almost over! I know you’ll all agree, but all I just want to say is, Idol definitely rocks!
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The American Idol Season 8 competition continues to be strong as we head to the finish line. Tonight, after the nationwide vote, the remaining 3 Idol hopefuls will be revealed.

Tonight’s American Idolresults show  features performances by Paula Abdul, No Doubt and Daughtry. One of the four finalists will be eliminated.

Will tonight be the end of Kris Allen‘s great run or will the last girl-standing fall and make it a three-man fight? Will Adam Lambert face the danger zone again or is it time for Danny Gokey to face the pressure of Idol elimination?

Last night, over 64 million votes were registered, the highest in American Idol history.

The seats are ready. Your Top 4 are all in the centerstage. Dim the lights and here we go. Starting with Allison Iraheta… Danny’s name is called out next. Ryan Seacrest moved on to Adam. Then to Kris… After the vote, the first person in the Top 3 is Kris Allen.

Joining Kris in the safe zone and in the Top 3 is Adam. Now were down to Allison and Danny. After the record setting vote of over 64 millon, Danny is safe and ALLISON IRAHETA IS GOING HOME.

Join us again as we provide you with LIVE and up-to-minute details of next week’s Top 3 performance and results show. Tune in regularly to Eye On Idol Friendster page for the latest American Idol news, weekly predictions and betting tips.

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jim1Oh yeah! The heat is on and we have to party! I am so worked up by this week’s episode of American Idol that I am still nursing a disco hangover, and I’m sure you do too!

I am amazed with the vocal versatility of the contestants even though some of them expressed their nervousness regarding the genre, which really requires a dose of soul. I loved how the Idols put in their own twist to the disco hits, everyone except Lil Rounds and Danny Gokey who stuck on to the original arrangements of the song and got some not-so-nice words from our dear judges. And yeah, well, which got Lil Rounds booted out too—wkris-allen-disco-feverhich is a disappointment for her fans, including our lovely Miss Karen.

Kris Allen seems to be fast tracking into the lead as he once again brought the house down this week with his version of Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money”, which is a very good song for the recession, haha! The guitar and bongos made him sound more like John Mayer though, but I like it.

Allison Iraheta was equally fierce, and I don’t mean it just because of her leather suit! Her cover of Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” was pretty bluesy with the grinding electric guitar that gave the song a whole new feel. Simon even called it brilliant! And of course, scene-stealer Adam Lambert will not be left behind as he put a spin into Saturday Night Fever’s “If I Can’t Have You”, turning it into a great ballad with his famous falsetto serving as the main highlight.

The Gokster did one of the biggest disco hits of all time, singing his version of Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”, mixing his gospel-savvy with his yet-undiscovered disco moves. The judges weren’t that happy with it though. Simon found it rather awkward and clumsy, and I did too for a bit. Maybe disco’s not just for him, but at least he tried!

Now that Lil and ‘Noop Dawg already bowed out of the competition, everybody’s already trying to predict the Final Three in this competition. While I would like to dish my own, I think will save it for next week for Jazz Night—I am still trying to make up my mind! The real fight begins, and I am more than happy to take this ride!

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kkong1Hello there, my fellow Idol addicts! How has this week been going so far for you? As for me, well I am practicing my Mandarin at the moment, because I am working on a couple of Chinese songs and I might also be off to perform them live really soon! I am so excited and busy at the moment, but of course, how can I forget my weekly update for my favorite show?

I always feel a bit sad every week, especially when my favorites get eliminated, but I know that it’s part of the contest so I have to understand that. A singer always has to deal with losing at some point, because without these experiences, we will never get to work harder to be successful in our career. I understand what these contestants are going through, being criticized by people you admire the most. It is really tough to face the Idol judges, especially Simon!

Alexis Grace, who is called Baby Gracie by most, is really one of the promising ones (and one of my favorites too) in this season’s competition. Although one of the youngest, she has one of the most powerful voices—and I love her style too! Actually, I think the judges also liked her, maybe it’s due to the poor choice of song that has got her eliminated in the competition. Sigh.

This week it was all about country music. And it is a great challenge for us as singers to perform songs that we are not really familiar with, songs that we really don’t like. Baby Gracie did her version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and I think that she really put what got into the song, only that the judges thought that it didn’t match up to the original song from the Queen of Country Music. She ended up in the bottom three with Michael Sarver and Allison Iraheta.

I think Simon, Randy, Paula and Kara were really nice though, because they considered saving Alexis from being eliminated. They gave her that one chance—it was a hard decision for the judges to give that opportunity, but I know Alexis did deserve it. In an interview I read she said that although was very happy that the judges considered saving her, she felt bad that she let her the people from her state down. I still think she’s still out to have a career though, her voice is bound to take her a long way.

While I feel bad that she won’t be able to join the other contestants when they go on a summer tour, she will still be able to develop her talent and shine on her own in the music scene. I think she will do well with soul music with some pop too, her voice range is just amazing!

Even though one of my favorites is out, there are still a lot left to cheer for, and I just hope they make it to the finals. I am also excited to watch them as they go on tour! But as for now, I think I have to get back to my recording, but don’t worry, I’m sure to give you more updates as we go on following American Idol Season 8—it’s just so addictive! See ya!

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jbondocI know this season’s going to be a crazy one. (says Philippine music’s acoustic star Jimmy Bondoc)

It’s less than a week before we get to find out who makes the cut in the top 36 finalists of this season’s American Idol. I must say this season amuses me, the way it started on such a crazy note! After Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell’s stint that lasted up until Hollywood Week, she is bent to go beyond showing skin to reveal some real talent, but as I have seen from the way she didn’t get along with her group mates, her chances are sure to be slimming down—but then again, she claims there are other career joanna-pacittioptions (she claims in a recent interview Playboy has gotten in touch. Whoa.)

Then there’s Joanna Pacitti, who obviously is a step ahead from the rest as she had produced an album way back 2006! She is being hounded with controversy at the moment—her former mentors are actually American Idol execs. I think this is not going to sit well with the viewers, but let’s see about that. After all, she may find a way into Simon Cowell’s heart eventually.

Pacitti is not the only one with star power on the resumé—there’s Kristen McNamara, the blond Kentucky darling who was a contestant in Nashville Star. Then there’s Jackie Tohn, who has had acting credits in The Sopranos and Veronica Mars among other TV series. It remains to be seen whether her acting-savvy will actually help her with some luck in today’s hottest reality TV show. Another star in his own right is Adam Lambert, well thanks to the power of Youtube. A little too wacky for my taste, but his huge fan base may pull him through.

Of course this season wouldn’t be complete without a dose of promising talent, and I may say that I think we have got a little extra this time. Lil Rounds is almost too sure to make the cut—Randy Jackson even said she is a cross between Fantasia and Mary J. Blige, but then again, he may just be joking. And everybody’s heart seems to go out to Danny Gokey, the young widower whose voice echoes his vulnerable heart. I am actually wondering how he can pull off that falsetto!

This season also brings in some favorites among the fresh faces, like Jorge Nuñez, with his original audition done in Puerto Rico; and Allison Iraheta from Cuba—I think we are in for some Latino action!

I’m sure the fab four will definitely have a ruckus this time, I can’t wait to see Simon once again playing nasty this time around with the new Judge. An hour a week is definitely not enough, and I can’t wait till next week for the top 36, because by then, they are sure to bring it on and I am in for that ride!

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karenk1Why this new Judge can make this Season anyone’s game? (Malaysian rising star Karen Kong shares her thoughts on AI’s new talent critic)

If you think that American ldol Season 8 which premiered last January 13 is one of the greatest products reality TV has ever produced, consider this an understatement.

There’s more juice behind this year’s installment of one of the most popular shows kara1on the tube since it first aired in 2002, and we are not talking about the shift from Paula Abdul’s penchant for Coke in her glass to something more fruity! Apart from the usual reign of the formidable (albeit terrible) triumvirate of Idol Judges, namely; the trippy Paula Abdul, music master Randy Jackson, and the resident Mr. Nasty, Simon Cowell—another Judge is set to make her mark in this rather colorful game of musical chairs.

Kara dioGuardi may be the newest kid on the Idol block, but she is definitely far from being a novice where the music business is concerned. DioGuardi’s songs have appeared on more than 100 million records. Her songs have been recorded by Grammy award-winning artists including Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Santana, Pink, Britney Spears, the Jonas Brothers, Kylie Minogue, and the list goes on. But wait, there’s more behind her all-too-impressive resume — she even got awards for writing most of the songs we hear over the radio! Sigh. I hope I get a chance to work with her one of these days too!kara-dio-guardi

Actually, she has also collaborated with Idol winners and contestants with their albums. American Idol favorites Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Katharine McPhee, Bo Bice, Taylor Hicks, Clay Aiken and David Archuleta have all made DioGuardi’s songs popular over the airwaves. FOX execs added her to the power roster to inject more excitement to the show, as if digesting Paula’s verbal diarrhea along with Simon’s witticism isn’t fun enough (I think the jokes may be getting too old and we need some new crack-ups)!

Her track record in the biz may be a known fact, but what’s even more interesting to find out is how Kara DioGuardi fares behind that desk as she’s seated with the already wacky trio of AI judges that viewers all over the world have learned to love and hate—and love all over again. Would she:

a. Give Paula Abdul a run for her money? After all, Miss DioGuardi will make her seem like a lightweight, with her glory days stuck way back in the 80s. Catfight alert?!

b. Make Randy Jacksons “dawg” jokes seem like one redundant big bore; or

c. Be the next object of Simon Cowell’s penchant for seduction? Would she be finally be able to tame this tiger? Meow!

d. All of the above?

Looks like there’s more drama set to unfold than we all thought—we know that three’s already a crowd, but throw in another one and see if it’s for good measure or not. There’s only one way to find out, and we know we are all tuning in!

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